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  • 10 quarters (added bonus of two extra quarters)
  • Free access to 35+ years of back issues

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  • Free access to 35+ years of back issues

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The National Economic Review is a quarterly overview of the major factors affecting the U.S. economy. Each issue consists of 15-20 pages of text and several pages of exhibits and charts reflecting annual/quarterly economic indicators, investment trends, and more. It is distributed in Word and Excel file formats to enable seamless inclusion in your business valuation reports.

Typical issues of the National Economic Review contain:

  • General Economic Overview
  • Consumer Spending and Inflation
  • Business and Manufacturing Productivity
  • Industrial Production and Capacity Utilization
  • The Financial Markets
  • Housing Starts and Building Permits
  • Unemployment and Payroll Jobs
  • Interest Rates
  • Summary and Outlook

As an added bonus, subscribers to the National Economic Review receive complimentary access to over 35+ years of back issues, offering a historical reach that is unparalleled among economic update providers.

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